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Please see our small print page from the link above to see important information about East Coast Collective terms and conditions

How did it all start?

Two guys from a mens barbershop chorus called The VIPs:-  an Ipswich based chorus that rehearse in Stowmarket, on a Tuesday night; talked about it, then brought the other 2 on board, a venue was found and thus East Coast Collective was born

Where do rehearsals take place?

Prior to Covid our rehearsals were at the Red Lion in Mannintree, this served our needs well and the room was let to us for free, so there were no charges.  However, coming out of Covid we felt the room and the access was too enclosed and a bigger “airy” venue was found

Rehearsals now take place in the Freston Village Hall

We have our rehearsals on Monday night, at 19:30 until 21:30 (all times are approximate)

How are rehearsal times broken down?

We start at 19:30 (ish), with warm ups and vocal exercises, some singing, then a break at 20:25 (ish) for 10 minutes (ish), then carry on until 21:30 (ish)

Is there a car park?

Freston Village Hall has ample parking, on site

What type of songs do we sing?

Traditional barbershop choruses sing a mostly old and a few new songs, but we aim to flip that the other way round and have some fun, while perfecting our art and being jolly good at it 

How much do we charge? 

Following a free “Trial” period of 4 weeks, (This allows us to evaluate you, and you to evaluate us) we ask that a standing order is set up for £12.00 a month subs

What does the subs cover?

£12.00 a month will enable to cover the cost of the hall, help with registration with the governing bodies, and enable us to help pay for uniforms and promotional materials

How strict are you?

You will find that we are an easy going bunch, but we do want people to learn and progress, that being said, our rehearsals are always full of jokes

Can anyone come along?

Anyone 18 years of age and over, male, female,or any other gender identity, of any sexuality or any ethnicity are welcome, without prejudice or judgement

ECC are fully inclusive and a person will only be judged on their ability to sing 

Full details of our policies can be found in our policy and purpose document

East Coast Collective is a safe place

Do I need singing experience?

Whilst it would be beneficial to be able to sing and hold a note, we will take anyone with any experience, that has enthusiasm and ability to learn 

Do I need to be able to read music?

Not at all, although helpful, a lot of us (including me) cant read music

However whatever your ability to read music is, it will get better

Do I need to bring anything with me?

You will have access to the music on the website, so please bring with you the printed sheet music, to help you learn the songs

It is recommend that you bring some water, and music that you have printed from the website Although there is a kitchen, where teas and coffes are made during the break

Bring a pencil to make notes and alterations on the sheet music when needed

**Please ensure that your sheet music has your name on it **

Do we sing at concerts?

These are called “sing outs”, and we actively search out venues and opportunities to sing in a performance setting.

Any money made from a sing out will go to the chorus as a whole to benefit the chorus, and to help keep costs down for each member.

Do we have to come to every rehearsal?

Of course not, we understand that life sometimes gets in the way, although it is beneficial to come to every rehearsal to learn the songs at the same pace. 

We would love you too, of course we would…. but we understand!

Having said that, there is an attendance criteria to be eligable to come to convention or sing outs

Do we have a uniform ?

We have an East Coast Collective polo shirt (Available to order through the shop link) This will be what is called “walk out gear”and we would expect every member to purchase one of these at some point

For more formal “sing outs” & Convention, we have a Blue Shirt, black bottoms, black shoes, Yellow Belt (For the Men) and any form of yellow/gold accessories

Polo shirt- Used in pubs & general wear when at events (no preference to footwear or bottoms)

Uniform- Used when singing “on stage” at functions or convention (complete uniform to include footwear etc)

We do have T-Shirts, Polo Shirts, Hoodies, and Fleece Jackets available to buy through the ECC shop, or just speak to the chairman (Andy Watkins)

What is Convention?

Once a year, Convention, the national gathering of Barbershoppers in the UK is held, usually on the later Bank Holiday weekend in May, either in Bournemouth or Harrogate (Alternates). 

You can go and take part in the main singing competition, or go as a spectator

There are also workshops and sessions to develop your skills

It is always a good place to meet like minded people and make new fiends

Convention does come at a cost

  • Travel
  • Accomodation
  • Food
  • Drinks
  • The Convention registrations itself

What do we expect

Regular attendance so that you learn new songs at the same time as everyone

To be able to sing the songs “off sheet” – This means the song is leaned and commited to memory, don’t worry we will go back  over them from time to time

Be kind and curteous to other members, the grievience procedure is in the policy & purpose document

Have fun!  We dont want to be stuffy, we want it to be something that members enjoy and look forward to going to

How do I get in touch?

You can find us on Facebook “East coast Collective Chorus” (Link in the menu or below)

Or use the form on the “contact us” page  (or click below)



This page and its contents, together with the Policy & Purpose document combine to be used as our constitution

Did you know?

Our logo is the initials E C C (East Coast Collective), and as its the East coast we have the rising sun, rising over the sea, sand, and fields- hence the 3 colours of the logo with the sun, and our polo shirts are sky blue to represent the sky!

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