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This is our Policy & Purpose document

This document is to read and understood by all members of ECC.  There is nothing contained in the document that goes against normality, morality, and taste.  It is a sensible document for sensible people, so that the chorus can be run in harmony (pardon the pun!) and without diffidence.

It is expected that all members sign that they agree to its contents on their application form. (For those members who joined prior to the document production, a seperate signature sheet has been produced)

It is every members responsibility to look back for time to time to check any ammendments and to raise any issues with the chairman. 


Sept 21 V.1.0 Document produced

Nov 22 V1.1 Updated to include membership of Ipswich Barbershop Harmony Club

Dec 22 V1.2 Updated to include members participation, and tidying up of wording

Dec 22 V1.3 Updated subscription costs and uniform requirements


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