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Here are some semi legal bits that need to be on here

For the purposes of this page East Coast Collective will be known as “ECC”

East Coast Collective

A Mixed 4 part A’ Cappella Chorus, singing in the Barbershop style

Accessibility & Equality

ECC is open to any person of 18 years and over, but considerations must be made for access, and ability to hold a note and to learn the songs

Every person wanting to join will be assessed on an individual basis


You are considered a member once you have filled in your membership form and contact details have been recorded, there is no official membership requirements

When a member leaves, ECC reserves the right to hold information on the member for 6 months or until the next AGM (which ever is sooner)

Data protection

All personal information held by ECC will only be used for chorus communications and business to do with ECC and will not be disclosed or discussed to anyone outside of ECC without prior consent, only elected officers of ECC will have access to personal data, and only to use in the pursuit of their office.

You have the right to know what information we hold on you, and can request to see it any time, giving appropriate notice.

Any grievances should in the first instance be taken up with the chairman which at this time is Andy Watkins, and appropriate measures will be taken to solve the problem.  In extreme cases legal action may be taken.


All photos and videos taken may be used for promotional purposes or/and posted on social media and the ECC website, and by being a member you consent to this unless otherwise instructed

ECC and its members shall own all copyright with regard to photos/videos taken

All requests from outside media should be directed towards Andy, Ben, Keith or Brian


ECC plans to sing songs that aren’t “traditional” barbershop songs, but are more well known, or fun.  Nevertheless, some traditional songs will be learned to enable tuning and chord ringing not so prominent in newer type songs

ECC aims to improve the singing of its members in a fun and positive way, there will be jokes and in no way are they meant to offend… if any joke offends, please inform either the person or the chairman


Convention is a national Barbershop competition, held each year on the last May bank holiday weekend, it’s not free and accommodation would be needed as it’s in Bournemouth or Harrogate on alternate years.

We aim to put ECC in competition once a year at BABS convention, when we are at a standard worthy of it

Sing Outs

Sing outs are concerts in which we perform the songs we have learned to an audience.
We aim to engage in sing outs, whether paid or unpaid, when we have progressed sufficiently

Money (Subscriptions and Membership fees)

When the time comes to charge subs, a treasurer will be elected from the membership, the chorus will be run as a non profit organisation, all monies collected will go to further the chorus.
At present there is no intention to charge subscription or membership fees as such, just £2 towards the hire of the hall.

When the time comes ECC will register with BABS (British Association of Barbershop Singers). This will mean that either we will have to start charging a subscription for membership or ask each individual to pay the individual membership.
Membership of BABS opens up a wealth of information and events, and WILL be something that ECC will look to do.

East Coast Collective Shop

ECC has a shop on the website, and we would encourage member to buy some of the merchandise, in particular T-shirts and Polo shirts. No profit is made from any item sold, everything is priced at the price they cost us, nothing extra is added.


We will have an AGM once a year in September, where officers can be elected (or persuaded) and a plan for the future can be put forward


At present the chairman (Andy Watkins) is taking on the roll of secretary, music, web designer, membership secretary, and anything else that is needed, and Ben Topliss is the musical director

At the AGM there will be an opportunity to put names forward for any roll, either existing or a new roll

For membership of BABS the minimum officers needed are as follows, Chairman, Hon Secretary and Treasurer, and an appointed position of Musical Director

Further roles for consideration as and when the chorus gets to the point that they are needed are:   Sing out secretary, Public relations officer, Recruitment and Retention officer, Vice Chairman, Music acquisition and copyright officer, social media officer, performance officer, and Membership secretary.  Some roles can be combined should an individual wish to take on more responsibilities, new roles could be made should the need arise, and some roles might never actually be used.


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