Chorus Recordings

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This page contains literally what you think it does, various recordings that are made during rehearsals, they are here for you to listen and identify problem areas, and hopefully sort them out and help you to learn the tracks better.  The tracks are also a useful guide to see how we are progressing with a song, as it is likely that there will be recordings of the same track at various stages of learning them. 


Goodnight Sweetheart 12th Oct 20

Heart of my Heart 19th Oct 20

Heart of my Heart 26th Oct 20 (Well done all!)

Heart of my Heart 2nd Nov 20 (I thought long and hard about putting this on as its all over the place, but learn from it and keep practicing)

If you have any recordings that you wish to add to this page, please send them to me along with the date of the recording and I shall add them to this page

This page should only be accessible, from the members page to keep the recordings between the members of the chorus only.  If you managed to access this without coming through the members page and inputting the password, please get in touch (If your browser automatically saves the password that is ok, no need to let me know)


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