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“Hello and welcome, here is the news”……

The details of all the meetings were put on here, but due to work load and pressures of everyday life, it has been decided that all records shall be held by the chairman, and any important points that come up shall be communicated via email.  

Copies of all meetings are available should any member wish to see them, or have any questions about them.

Monday 8th February 2021

Tonight we had another lesson, this was on rests and beats in the music score, another good lesson and I hope the members on the zoom lesson learned something!  Don’t forget all the lessons and other useful stuff can be found on the page “Learn”

Image result for newsflash gifMonday 8th February 2021

We had a quiz to follow up on the music theory lesson.. and Ben won!!!!

Wednesday 3rd February 2021

All lessons, hints and tips have been added to the website, under “LEARN”

Monday 1st February 2021

No quiz tonight, instead we had a lesson on music theory, concentrating on music notes.  It was kept simple and have had some positive feedback about it.  Future lessons are planned.

Monday 25th January 2021

Tonight the quiz took the form of a horse race, each player renamed themselves as a horse and drew out a virtual course, with 12 marks, each time they got an answer right they moved forward a mark.  First to 12 won the race, if there was a tie, there was a photo finish in the form of a tie break question.  For the questions I had made 80 questions which were quick fire, with 10 seconds to answer…. 3 races were planned, but everyone enjoyed it so much, and I had plenty of questions left, so we managed another 2 races!!

I have purchased a year planner, and have put together a rough plan for the year, starting from April, hopefully we will be able to follow that plan, but if need be it is possible to move the whole plan back.

Monday 18th January 2021

This evenings zoom was something a bit different, we played Bingo!  We played 2 games using 2 cards on each game, me using a proper thing to select numbered balls… And as such I got to play to!  I won the first game, and Harold won the second game, a certificate was sent out to the winners (Yes I even done one for myself).  Everyone enjoyed it as it was something different.

December 28th 2020

This evening ECC sent out a newsletter setting out our thoughts on the last year and our hopes and plans for the future.  Thank you to the members that have taken the time to reply.  If you haven’t seen it, you can view it by clicking below.


Monday 21st September

Tonight on Zoom we held a Christmas Quiz, entitled The Great Christmas Quiz, in which we threw it open to friends and family, we had 12 participants, and 5 rounds of 10 questions, 2 of those were visual rounds.  Out of a possible score of 50, the winner was a friend of mine (Andy W), Richie, with a score of 42…. only 1 point in front of second place.  The quiz was enjoyed by all and Richie only living around the corner, came and collected his prize on Christmas eve.  The prize was a CD of The Great British Barbershop Boys Christmas album.  Well done to everyone that joined in, I really enjoyed it myself!

Click here to see Richie with his prize

Monday 14th December

Tonight on Zoom, we were joined by a new member, welcome Vic, it was good to see you and hope it won’t be too long before we can all get together and sing.  We had a music quiz which was won by Sarah, all eyes now looking forward to The Great Christmas Quiz on Monday 21st December.  We then break for Christmas and meet again (on Zoom) on Monday 4th January

Monday 23rd November 2020

Tonight ECC challenged The VIPs to a quiz, Andy Watkins hosted the quiz, which was 40 general knowledge questions.  There were 9 members of each team (Members that were in both choruses were automatically put in ECC team). The VIPs were victorious with an overall score of 231 to 184 out of 360, when divided to average the scores The VIPs average was 25.667 and ECC average was 20.444.  The quiz was great fun and everyone enjoyed themselves.  As well as overall winners The VIPs also produced the overall individual winner, with Phil Kemp, a lead from The VIPs scoring 35 out of 40… A fantastic score!!  The top 3 from each chorus were as follows ECC- 3rd Sarah Weston, 2nd Andy Flack, 1st Bob Moreton, and The VIPs- 3rd Alan Haynes, 2nd Bob Sangwell, 1st Phil Kemp.  A certificate was sent to Phil as the overall winner, and one sent to Alan Herring as chairman for the VIPs for the winning chorus.  Thank you to all that took part, next time its payback!! 

To see the results click here, to see the standings click here

Wednesday 3rd November 2020

Yesterday we secured the Freston Village Hall as a venue for rehearsals, we hope to have our first one on 7th December lockdown depending, timing will be the same 19:15 to 21:30 for which, to cover the cost of the hall we will have to ask for £2 per attendee

Monday 5th October 2020

This week saw a decline in numbers, some from illness (not covid!!) and some probably due to the weather.  Surprisingly the weather done us a favour, as The Boot was pretty much dead and that meant that we could go into the marquee for our rehearsal, it was warm, and it was dry, and being kind of indoors, the sound wasn’t lost drifting across the fields! There were 7 in attendance, Ben out front waving his arms, 4 leads, no tenors, no bari’s and just myself (Andy W) in the bass section,… “Hang on” I hear you say, “that’s 6!”, well we welcomed a new member to the chorus, Adel, she bravely agreed to try tenor, and despite being the sole tenor, done a superb job, an asset to the chorus.

Monday 28th September 2020

Our third rehearsal was good, we ran through Goodnight Sweetheart a couple of times, and had a quick run through of Heart of my Heart, with the members that are from the VIPs giving it their best in the hope that the others could follow, I’m sure that it won’t be long before Heart of my Heart is learned by all!  Goodnight Sweetheart is going great, that’s why we started looking at Heart of my Heart.. Very soon we’ll have 2 songs under our belt and will be able to entertain people, albeit for only a few minutes!

We have 22 members on our books, and things are looking good.  It’s still unknown, if any of the members that are not coming to rehearsals at this time, will be coming back or call it a day, we hope that most will be coming back, but time will tell.

It was decided that we would go forward with trying to find an indoor venue, as its getting colder and the dark isn’t helping. Everyone agreed that they wouldn’t mind paying a couple of quid towards paying for the venue. Wendy is doing a great job in trying to secure a venue, centered around where the Boot is.

Monday 21st September 2020

On 21st our second rehearsal at The Boot was  attended by 11 too, even though 1 was missing.. because we had a new member.. We welcomed Anastasia to the leads, and by all accounts she thought it was amazing.  We had a run through of Good night Sweetheart which was very good, so much so that we may be starting to learn a new song next week. (Covid permitting)

Monday 14th September 2020

We have had an outdoor rehearsal The Boot at Freston, the rehearsal was outdoors at the back of the garden, with 11 members, social distancing and Covid measures were in place to enable us to have a safe rehearsal.  It was good to get back to singing and we soon got back into the swing of things.. We done some warm ups, some rounds, a tag, and worked on Goodnight Sweetheart.


On Monday 14th September ECC will be restarting rehearsals.  These will take place outdoors in the garden of The Boot Public House, in Freston.  Rehearsals will take place under strict guidelines, to enable us to protect the members and anyone else that we come in contact with. 

The British Association Of Barbershop Singers, BABS, have changed their logo, and got a brand new website.  Go have a look, there’s lots of information on there.

This is their old logo     and this is their new “funky” logo   

Covid 19 is doing its best to upset the balance of the chorus, but we are keeping morale up with our weekly zoom meetings, and we are looking forward to when we can sing again.  A very watchful eye is being kept on government advice, and as soon as there’s any chance of getting together, we shall!!

The details of all the meetings were put on here, but due to work load and pressures of everyday life, it has been decided that all records shall be held by the chairman, and any important points that come up shall be communicated via email.  

Copies of all meetings are available should any member wish to see them, or have any questions about them.


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