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Everything on sale here is at the price we can get it in for, we make no profit on any of these items, they may be a bit more than your average prices, but remember, these are custom made each time we order

Please note all items with the exception of the pen & the badge are rounded up to the nearest pound, purely for convenience (The pen & the badge are rounded up to next 50 pence)

Each item is priced as what you would pay for an individual item, and includes P&P, bulk orders and combination orders may result in reduced P&P

If you are buying an item still fill in the form for the sizing even if you use the PayPal button.  That way we can get the notification and if its clothing we will have your size required.

ECC Shop


East Coast Collective polo shirt

Sky blue polo shirt with ECC logo embroidered on left chest (Plain back)

All adult sizes available S/M/L/XL/XXL

Extra personalisation available at £2 per item*



(inc delivery)

East Coast Collective T-Shirt

White T-shirt with small ECC logo printed on left chest, large logo printed on back, with web address underneath, & name (if wanted) above logo

If you don’t specify “no name” we will put your first name on the back

All adult sizes available S/M/L/XL/XXL


(inc delivery)

East Coast Collective Mug

White mug with ECC logo on each side


(inc delivery)


East Coast Collective Pen

Black & white pen with ECC logo & website address

Black ink




(inc delivery)

(£3.50 if ordered with another item)



East Coast Collective Hoodie

Sky blue hoodie with ECC logo embroidered on the left breast (Same as Polo shirt)

Reverse side is blank

All adult sizes available S/M/L/XL/XXL

Extra personalisation for an extra £2 per item*



(inc delivery)

Button Badge

50mm round button badge with metal pin on back



(inc delivery)

Mouse Mat

Umm.. it’s a mouse mat

(Desk and mouse not included)


(inc delivery)


Phone Case

Rear protective cover for your phone, with logo and web address.

Further customisation available at minimal cost

(Most phones catered for, message to be sure)


(inc delivery)

IPad Case

Rear protective cover for your IPad, with logo and web address.

Further customisation available at minimal cost

(Message to check if your model is catered for )


(inc delivery)

Water/Drinks Bottle

Bring your drink with you to rehearsals in an ECC bottle, available in White or Silver.

With logo and web address on one side, logo and your name on the other.

(Please specify White or Silver below )


(inc delivery)

ECC Mascot

“Lil’ Ben”

Have your own Lil’ Ben to remind you to…

“Keep it smooth”

Male & Female versions included

(Requires 1 X 9V battery- not included)




(inc delivery)





Multiple items will attract a discount due to combined postage (If from same supplier)
Other custom items are available, just ask for what you want with details of logo and positioning and we shall get back to you with a price, items include and not limited to- Hats, Bags, Jackets, Coats, and many many more!

* Extra personalisation could be your name, your voice part, ECC website address, or anything else you may want, and they can be in a variety of positions on the garment or item, please ask for further details when ordering the items if you require more personalisation

I would suggest if you want a pen either club together and order a few, or get one at the same time as something else.

From time to time, the suppliers will have a promotion on, that saving will be passed on to you.

Please fill in the form and the order will be processed and we will collect the money at rehearsal.  If you have paid by PayPal, we will send you confirmation of your order before physically ordering the items, to ensure we have the correct details.

(please allow up to 21 days for receipt of item unless you opt for express delivery)

All fields marked * are required

Please note

No goods will be ordered without payment in full, unless otherwise agreed prior to order being processed


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